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Days leather nail ZX008 variety of skin staples days

Advantage :
1 , can be customized according to customer needs.
2 , various styles , in stock .
3 , the factory itself , a production capacity.
Unit of measure: kg
Color: zinc, color , blue , gray, white ( high side )
Dongguan Xin Zhuo metal heel strengthen pipes, studs manufacturer, factory production of high quality wire reinforcing tube heel , spikes, full range of specifications . Can be developed according to customer requirements . Welcome to the next single.
Zhuo Xin Hardware : years of production experience and improve production management system , strong technical force , a variety of material products , do a kind fast , timely delivery, reasonable prices, stable quality . Honest, professional service , responsible service.
Product prices by material, thickness , substrate material , quantity, environmental requirements , physical requirements are different and pricing , accurate prices and the need to send samples to contact our customer service .
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